ride through the night

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What language do i need to use to communicate orders?
    You can communicate in English or Bahasa Indonesia.
  2. Where to contact?
    Again, please contact me using email jackalride@gmail.com
  3. Where to order?
    Same. Mail me at jackalride@gmail.com.
  4. Do you accept overseas shipping?
    Yes. Tariffs applied.
  5. I like one of your design, but it’s for X motorcycle, while i want it for my Y motorcycle, what should i do?
    Just order it, those designs are just templates, i can freely convert it to fit your motorcycle.
  6. How much for 1 design?
    It all depends on the difficulty, size, and how many revisions would you ask on me. But most of all, i have my standardized tariffs. See [How to Order].
  7. How long does it take to finish 1 design?
    Around two weeks to two months. Depends on difficulties and number of revisions done.
  8. How accurate is your itasha product?
    Around 75 to 85 percent. It sounds low, but it actually extremely hard to nail accuracy above 85%. So i will always mention any issues beforehand. But worry not, our printing quality are top-notch.
  9. Where is your office?
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia.